If you confuse, you lose

Your goal is to make customers confident in your offering… and convert! 🤑

Make your sales process as easy as possible. Omit any possibilities of doubt.

This will pay you back in a more seamless sale funnel resulting in a higher conversion rate.

Some simple, yet powerful adjustments you can make today:


This will allow you to guide customers seamlessly and confidently through your sales funnel.

Give your customers more choices than they need and they will pause.

They will feel insecure about committing and well…

buy nothing

Reducing the amount of choice, also pays you and your employees back in easier handling of your stock, logistics and other processes.

This is an opportunity where you can cut the crap and remove services/stock that isn’t moving or is difficult to handle.

Ultimately, making smoother business and more satisfied customers.


If you’re communicating 1:1, ask questions about what they need and why. Don’t present your service/product before that.

Then make the choice for the customer. Doing so will ease their burden of making the decision. Manytimes, the customer actually thanks me for offering my expertise.

There are so many other ways you can do this:

  • For a restaurant, highlight items with a high return on investment on your menu and get your wait staff to recommend them.
  • If you have a digital service, visually emphasise your “most popular” pricing plan

Find out how to be a better influence specifically in your business


When you give your customers clear instructions, it helps them feel confident and eases their burden of making a decision.

🚫 Phrases I NEVER use:

  • Would you like me to…?
  • If you want, I can…
  • Let’s get your quote ready…
  • Can I suggest…?

🚫 Avoid asking customers for permission to do something, just do it. Also, this will give you control of the pace of the sale.

Also, with online communications, never ask, instruct. If it is a big step, you can highlight the benefits if you like.

If you can’t make this seemingly small adjustment, it will force your customer to think.

When your customer has a moment of thought, you’re allowing an opportunity for objection or doubt. 🤔


Be efficient. Avoid saying more than you need to.

If customers ask specific questions, answer them as concisely as possible.

🚫 NEVER get into the intricacies of your product/service.

As soon as you start educating them, it will invite confusion and make the purchase feel much more complicated than it needs to be.

🚫 Also avoid using industry-specific jargon.

This will welcome unnecessary Googling and open up space for your competitors to latch onto your lead.

Once you get the commitment from the sale, then give them the instruction manual… 😉

Sophia Floros Marketing & Business

How do you simplify your sales process for your customers?

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